I'm surprised developers have to still do this, but it's probably a good job they do. Over on Twitter, Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Anthem, has discussed the differences players can expect to find between the Demo and launch version of Anthem. For people who don't know, demos are typically several builds behind any "gold" edition, which can span months of development time. Unsurprisingly, that's why most demos tend to have still in development slapped all over them. Here's his Tweet, and what to expect.

  • We start you in the middle
  • No tutorials
  • No pilot picker
  • Balance is super different
  • Economy is completely different
  • 6 weeks less bug fixes
  • With only 1 story arc, I think the mission/stronghold/freeplay balance will be off a bit
  • Slightly less nuanced PC controls
  • We’ve renamed a few things for clarity in the main game
  • Flight in particular has gotten better with a mouse since the branch

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019

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