Over on the official Reddit, Anthem Lead Producer, Ben Irving, detailed a significant amount of changes that have already occured for the game. If you played last week on PC, and importantly, mouse and keyboard, you'll have instantly felt the difference. Full list of changes below. 


We have made numerous updates to menu and Forge navigation with mouse and keyboard on PC since the Demo build. In Early Access (15th Feb), you will see improvements like using Q and E to navigate tabs and being able to drill into menus by clicking the visible options on the right side (except Social menus which are coming for the Worldwide Launch 22nd Feb). In the Forge you will notice that rotating and zooming your character are more responsive.

We are also working on improving our graphics options on PC. For Worldwide Launch (22nd Feb) the issues with Motion Blur will be addressed along with adding an option to toggle HDR on or off. We are adding the ability to adjust camera shake with a slider to help alleviate any issues with motion sickness for Worldwide launch (Feb 22). We are also actively investigating adding an FOV slider to the game. We understand the importance of this option for a large numbers of players. In addition we are investigating adding options for FPS Limit and HDR Brightness in future patches. More information on that when we have it.

List of Changes for Launch (15th Feb / 22nd Feb)

  • UI Clicking on visible options in menus fixed for 15th Feb (except social which is 22nd Feb)

  • Navigating Menu tabs with Q and E instead of old keybindings fixed for 15th Feb

  • Forge rotation speed with mouse improved - 15th Feb

  • Scrolling with mouse wheel wont zoom your javelin AND scroll the menu (will be contextual based on where your mouse is) - 15th Feb

  • D-Pad will show as keyboard bindings - 15th Feb

  • Turning off Motion Blur in settings now works (decoupled from post processing) - 22nd Feb

  • HDR toggle available - 22nd Feb

  • Camera Shake slider added - 22nd Feb

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Last Updated: Feb 02, 2019

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