Anticipated MMOG's of 2014

Updated Fri, Dec 20, 2013 by Lewis B

The new year is right around the corner and in this list for 2014, I present to you a list of games I really feel you should keep an eye on going into 2014. I've also included the vaporware I can only hope makes it onto next years release schedule (though there is more chance of me winning the lottery).

Coming in 2014


Currently in closed Beta and having its servers well and truly tested, WildStar is shaping up to be the MMOG of 2014. Polished, funny and with exceptional combat it really is fantastic to play. The skill system builds very much on Guild Wars 2's limited action set, but adds robust flexibility and creativity. 
Although unfairly compared to World of Warcraft (the art styles are a little bit similar) it does draw parallels with the game. Thankfully, it improves upon it massively and has made just enough improvements in all the right areas to brush away the cobwebs and end up feeling fresh. 

  • Developer: Carbine
  • Status: Closed Beta 
  • Release: May 2014 (estimate)

The Elder Scrolls Online

Having played The Elder Scrolls Online many times since September this year, the game has a long way to go before it's ready for public consumption. Recent Beta tests haven't really assured me it's coming along any better than it was several months ago, but The Elder Scrolls Online has the weight of brand. 
Visually the game looks great and offers exactly what the ten bazillion Elder Scrolls fans want. The similarities between Skyrim (and the full Elder Scrolls series) and the massively multiplayer variant is startling and is commendable. While there's a long road left to go, there's every chance Zenimax can pull it around. 

  • Developer: Zenimax Online Studios
  • Status: Closed Beta
  • Release: April 2014

EverQuest Next

Sony Online Entertainment's baby has been quiet of late. We still know bugger all about it in the grand scheme of things and Landmark is taking up all the attention at the moment, but the game shouldn't be ignored and it should be well and truly at the top of your “OMG!” list. Sandbox with advanced AI and supported by player created content from Landmark, it has the foundations to be something truly amazing. With unique art direction, console intentions and destructible scenery there's nothing here that isn't worth waiting for.  

  • Developer: Sony Online Entertainment 
  • Status: Alpha 
  • Release: December 2014

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