I'm normally not a rumor poster. However, this one has me intrigued. I know that Microsoft is pushing quite a few games toward the 360 market. However, knowing the complexity of Funcom games, I wouldn't think that it wouldn't be successfully ported. GameSpot's Rumor Control has the story.

According to the poster, the Funcom developers "showed a trailer with a pretty intense draw distance apparantly [sic] as well as Conan himself wielding a morning star which seemed totally realistic in how the spiked ball would behave due to its weight and momentum." Then, "a question was asked about if they were thinking about other platforms than PC...then the spokesman [Bjorn Sundquist] made a kauf [sic] gesture saying *kauf*Xbox360*kauf*." (Emphasis added.)

Thanks to MMORPGDOT for pointing me in the right direction for this story.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016