Do you want to live forever?

Crom grants Conan his request. No, it's not the revenge he seeks. The cover of July's PC Gamer will have to do.

DURHAM, North Carolina - April 30, 2008 - Hitting newsstands shortly, the latest issue of PC Gamer brings online gamers the ultimate look at 2008's most-anticipated MMO, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Shipping to subscribers early next month, the July issue of PC Gamer US puts Age of Conan squarely on the cover of the world's best-selling magazine for PC gamers.

In addition to new details on King Conan, end-game content, and the level 1-20 experience, readers will receive an exclusive in-game item and the chance to win a deluxe Age of Conan gaming machine from nVidia and Coolermaster.

"It's a great honor to receive the cover on the world's most prestigious PC magazine," said Gaute Godager, Game Director on Age of Conan. "We have enjoyed reading PC Gamer for years, and we really wanted to make sure they got the best of what we have. I sincerely hope the PC Gamer readers will appreciate both the exclusive virtual item and the long feature. I really can't wait to read it myself!"

The issue will feature:
- Details on the Level 1-20 Experience - Details, maps and key quests will give players the inside edge on the pirate island of Tortage
- Totem of Origins Virtual Item - This unique item allows players to be magically transported back to their starting city once every 24 hours. Exclusive to PC Gamer readers!
- Age of Conan Gaming Machine - One lucky reader can win state of the art gaming rig from nVidia and Coolermaster, with an Age of Conan case mod
- Information on the End Game Content - Bosses and dungeons from the level 80 experience will be revealed for the first time
- King Conan's Role - Conan's role will finally be revealed, and PC Gamer readers will be the first to gaze upon his mighty palace

Age of Conan is consistently mentioned as one of the most anticipated PC games in development. At launch the game will have received more than 30 covers on high-profile gaming magazines across the globe and more than 15 major awards, including numerous "Best MMO of E3" awards and the official "Best Online Game" award at the Games Convention 2007. Age of Conan is a key title in Microsoft's Games for Windows line-up, and a showcase title for nVidia. Age of Conan launches 20th of May in North America / Oceania and 23rd of May in Europe.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016