The E3 content continues to fly all over the net. Youv'e read what we had to say here at Ten Ton Hammer. Now, you can see what the other guys think.

Under the leadership of veteran Game Director Gaute Godager, the team is aiming to craft an interpretation of the famed property in which the key combat element will involve actively aiming your attacks, eye-catching combos plus finishing moves like decapitation, and an appropriate overall feeling of pace. This appears likely to attract gamers who express the desire, often quite vociferously, to feel more directly engaged in the battles. Another unusual and interesting element is the ability to form and lead a squad of NPCs. The title was showcased as being optimized for the Vista operating system; along with the striking visuals we've seen, this indicates Age of Conan will be very competitive on the technological front. As well, the art direction appears to do a credible job embodying the fundamental spirit of the underlying franchise.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016