ToTheGame has an interview with an undetermined Funcom employee about their upcoming MMORPG Age of Conan.

3. Funcom is responsible for breaching the MMORPG world with Anarchy Online, the first massive online game focusing on the future instead of the traditional medieval genre. Now, with Hyborian Adventures, you’re taking a step back into a lost civilization. What made the team consider such an idea?

Well, we are just about to complete our take on the ages, with Age of Conan being at the end of the fourth age, Anarchy Online being in the sixth age, and our next online RPG being in the fifth age?. No, seriously, we had always wanted to make a fantasy RPG, and once we could start to free resources of Anarchy Online and Shadowlands, fantasy was the direction we first started looking towards. Not only did we have lots of internal motivation for such a project, but we were also “lucky” enough to get hold of a great license. And the more we dived into the Hyborian age, the more we understood how incredibly diverse the license was. It’s a far shout from the run-of-the-mill Elves, Orcs and Dwarves fantasy universes which surrounds us everywhere these days. In Conan almost everything is twisted and dark, and more than anything humankind itself is at the centre. True, there are evil demons, gods and monsters lurking everywhere, but the humans are the “rulers” of the world. This allows us to make a very different and more brutal and realistic fantasy experience, far from what you have experienced in any Online RPG before.

You can bet that anything that Funcom makes will be good. I still stand by my statement that Anarchy Online was one of the best MMORPGs ever designed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016