Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison isn't afraid to engage the AoC community in a discussion on how to improve the game. Morrison recently put out a call for PvP feedback from the community, even going so far as to invoke a mechanic that was very missed at launch, Drunken Brawling.

Yes, you read that correctly We have looked at this again recently to consider bringing it back in some form. It would be a 'gear doesn't matter' form of combat for fun and challenge, which seems to be something underlying much of what some of the PVP community would like to see. So we have done some preliminary assessment of how it could be introduced properly.

I am very interested to hear whether you folks would think this is worth adding to the game. It's not a promise we will add it, but it is something we would consider if people felt it was interesting.

Other PvP enhancements such as additional mini-games, open world objectives in the Border Kingdom and new PvP foused areas are also touched on. Morrison also points out two things the developers have been discussing and are investigating the possibility of with cross-server mini-games and the performance of the game in 'mass' situations such as those commonly encountered in a Border Kingdom siege.

If you're an avid AoC player, his post is certainly worth the read and see if you might even have a few good ideas of your own to add.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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