Everybody is doing it and now Age of Conan Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison is doing it too and fans can get in on it! No, I'm not talking about the Macarena, I'm talking about the social networking phenomenon called Twitter! Craig is set up to tweet to the fans giving players just one more way to keep up with AoC news.

Always being one to want to play with the cool new toys on the block our kind PR folks have allowed me to share with you guys a little further through Twitter.

You can find the feed here.

Now, a couple of things on this. While this is an 'official' it is a bit of an experiment for sure and I certainly can't promise to answer any direct messages. I will be trying to keep the tone, I guess, professional but casual. It is actually me, and isn't being filtered through any PR channels, although it should be pointed out given I used to work in PR you could argue everything I write effectively has an element of that too it ...lets put it this way this will probably fall into the category of 'it is really marketing when you think about it' but its the tame, personable, buys you a drink at the bar*, type of marketing.

It's also another channel for you, the community, to get the latest information if you don't want to always be checking the forums.

Neither will it in any way replace information on the forums, this is to provide any additional slightly less formal channel for communication for those that are interested. You probably won't get to find out anything that juicy or super-secret, or indeed anything that I also mention here, but you might get the odd little update on when there is new info, new posts, when the team or I are doing interviews etc (I will try and refrain from anything too boring, no-one really wants to know what I am eating for lunch!)

...If you have no idea what Twitter is or what I am rambling on about, there is a nice little write up here that explains what Twitter is

Like I said above I have no idea if this will be a successful experiment or not, but hopefully some of you can join us along the way and find out!

Get more information and a link to the twitter feed on Age of Conan's official forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016