It's been a busy few months for Age of Conan. The game recently adopted a free-to-play hybrid model and relaunched as Age of Conan: Unchained and even deployed a new server ruleset with the hardcore "Blood and Glory" PvP servers. With the launch of its new movie tie-in adventure pack, Savage Coast of Turan, looming just around the corner, the team took some time to address some lingering PvP issues.

Over the next few months the team over at Funcom will be working to address more balance issues, so expect a few nerfs and some forum rage. One thing that players will soon see is some tweaks to how Tracking and Stealth work in regards to PvP and a proper /Anon feature to hide players that don't wish to be found via a search.

But balance isn't the only order of the day. The respawn system in minigames is getting an FPS-style makeover, adding a timer-based respawn and allowing players to spawn together with their recently deceased comrades.

Additionally, there will be some Blood and Glory ruleset specific changes coming that will change the Consequence system and possibly add coin drops to defeated PvP enemies. Along with that there will also be a number of siege tweaks and the addition of World Bosses to the Border Kingdoms. This is somewhat inspired by some old school competitive PvP, which will make the bosses available to anyone in an open PvP setting, so they may have to fight for it to earn a PvP-specific reward.

Their loot tables will be designed specifically for PVP rewards, and they are not part of the raid hierarchy. The key here is that they will be an open, disputable, spawn that you will have to fight for the right to take down. Currently the plan is that they will appear once per day, per currently unused Border Kingdom, but that may change during testing.

Source: AoC Monthly Development Update

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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