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Couple of interesting bits of Age of Conan News today. Firstly, the long awaited buddy keys are starting to make their appearance. People who purchased the collector's edition of the game now have five active buddy keys that they can give to friends to start an account with. Feeling blue because your buddy only bought the regular game? Don't worry, they have buddy keys coming too.

Second bit of news is a preview of what is to come. We've been told the changes for this week, and next, mainly in the Instance Tweak and Zone Update categories. Here's what the dev's said:

Instance Changes

There are for example changes to the Pyramid of the Ancients dungeon which include wide improvements of the encounters and dangers that can be found in the pyramid. We really think that this will make it an interesting dungeon and should provide a real challenge for solo players.

Next up is Toirdebach’s Tomb in The Fields of the Dead. This group instance has been tweaked so that the mob levels are more in keeping with the level of the Fields of the Dead. We have also been through and amended the placement of mobs in the dungeon so that the balance between ranged and melee opponents should be much fairer to groups trying to tackle this ancient evil!

Resource Zone Updates

The resource and building zones (Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp and Poitain) have had a thorough repopulation based on player feedback as to what resources were problematic. New resource nodes and many new camps have been added to these zones to help the avid tradeskillers amongst you find what you need. Be warned though venturing too far off the beaten path may result in you finding yourself face to face with some dangerous foes who won’t take kindly to you trying to harvest from them!

For the full annoucement, please check here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016