By the Gods! Changes are coming!

Game Director, Gaute Godager turns the dirt blood red with the following information about what the future has planned for Hyboria.

Fellow Hyborians!

As you may have noticed we have had frequent patches the last two weeks. We hope this will soon start to quiet down, but as long as there are major issues – and there have been – we will dedicate the Conan team to fixing them and giving you these fixes as soon as possible! We have a plan on how to move this game forward because as you know, what you have today is but the platform – the dawn of this world. I hope you enjoy the game as is, but I can ensure you, this is but the beginning!

Our focus from now on can be summarized by these points:

* We will add content, specifically in mid-late thirties and mid-late fifties and make the leveling speed smoother in those areas, reducing the need to grind.
* We will have an overhaul of the PvP system – adding consequence and a host of small things.
* We are fixing bugs you reported through all channels we can get information from.
* We will add a new large outdoor region in the 55-60 range this summer!
* This is only a small taster! More information about the exciting summer and fall Roadmap will come the end of the next week!
* We are staffing up Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Community departments!

To read more, please visit Age of Conan.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016