New early access date released for EU servers.

Age of Conan registration has opened for customers with pre-order keys.

Registering with a valid pre-order key (such as the Rhino or Mammoth key) is the unique way to be eligible to purchase Early Access for 5€/5$. This fee includes 10 days of game-time as well as the digital download of the client. Hurry though, because the Early Access is only available while supply lasts!

Note that pre-order items such as the Rhino and Mammoth is not available on Early Access accounts. Once an Early Access account is upgraded with the retail key, the virtual item can be claimed. The originally planned level capping of the Early Access has been removed.

The launch date for early access in Europe has been moved forward! Both the US and EU servers open on the 17th of May (5pm GMT). This date used to be the 20th for the EU servers, thus European players are now getting 6 days of early access until the regular launch on May 23rd!

To register your pre-order key, please visit Age of Conan.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016