With GDC coverage of Age of Conan still trickling out it is time once again to hear a few words from Game Director Craig Morrison. Craig talks a little about AoC's progress and what he shared at GDC as well as bringing in free trials, and what players can expect to see happening in the future.

Spreading the word…

Another good reason to take the opportunity to speak to the press about the status of the game right now is that we are working on getting a free trial campaign out there for Age of Conan. This marks an important milestone for the team as we get to show the game to a wider audience and allow more people to explore Hyboria and enjoy the game. Personally I am really looking forward to seeing people try the game for themselves, at the end of the day I can speak to journalists and do interviews or articles like this as much as I want, and tell you all how hard we are working on the game, but nothing beats actually being able to log in and try for yourself.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016