Age of Conan's update 1.04 brings with it an amazing amount of content that players have been waiting a long time for and today it is finally here! This update includes, not only oodles of fixes, but also the introduction of three new dungeons for both mid level and high end players and a new raid zone.

The patch list is long so if you would like to read the full details of everything included in this update click here for the patch notes. These are the highlights of this major update:


* Cradle of Decay is a level 43 group instance which can be accessed through the Field of the Dead.
* The Slaughterhouse Cellar is a level 80 single player instance located in Thunder River just south of the palisades area.
* Xibaluku is a level 80 group instance located in Thunder River on the prison island. There is a quest pre-requisite to enter this area. You can begin this quest by speaking to General Lupercus in Thunder River. (This quest will send you into the The Slaughterhouse Cellar to obtain items).
* Black Ring Citadel, Wing 3 is a level 80 raid instance that can now be accessed from Kheshatta between the entrances to Wing 1 and Wing 2.

PvP Minigames

* The minigame signup interface has been enhanced. It now shows the four different minigames players can sign up for. It shows how many players are currently signed up for that particular minigame (players in the same tier as the player, regardless of apprenticeship), and allows players to sign up for any of the possible minigames (whichever starts first).
* The level ranges of the PvP minigames have been adjusted. Level 80 players will now only face other level 80 players.
* Annihilate Opposing Team: You will no longer get the capture message if you walk into the north or south quarter before the match starts.
* Annihilate Opposing Team: The healing point in the middle of the playfield should heal anyone that stands on top of it.
* Annihilate Opposing Team: If your totem is destroyed you no longer receive Shield of the Risen.
* Annihilate Opposing Team: The health of the resurrection totem has increased.
* Capture the Skull: Renamed the ‘Flag’ to ‘Skull’.
* Capture the Skull: Reduced the amount of skull captures to win from 5 to 3.
* Capture the Skull: It is no longer possible to use Last Stand while carrying the skull.
* Capture the Skull, Blood Ravine: The resurrection points have been moved to the bottom of the bases to make it easier to capture the flag.
* When one of the sides leaves the minigame, this should no longer always result in a tie.
* More than 11 players in a minigame will no longer expand the GUI incorrectly - the overlay will hide instead.
* When declining to join a minigame after the minigame has started, you are no longer flagged as coward.
* You now actually have 30 seconds to decline/accept to join a minigame when it has started.
* Totem Torrent - Various gameplay changes have been made to improve the flow and speed of this minigame. The optional resurrection points have been removed. The capture areas have been moved into the north and south buildings (to the location of the old resurrection points). If you capture one of these new areas, your totem will be much more durable.
* Killing pets will no longer increment your kill count.
* Hallowed Vaults: Extended collision of braziers to prevent players from becoming stuck in between them and pillars.
* Capture the Skull: Shield of the Risen should now be removed the moment you pick up the skull.
* Capture the Skull: Players should now receive a message after the flag resets.
* Hallowed Vaults: It's no longer possible to jump back the ledge coming from the flag rooms.


* Players can now desocket/delete gems in their items by opening the info view of the item and using the shift-rightclick menu on a gem to destroy the gem but freeing the slot. Desocketing will require a potion crafted by an alchemist. The recipe for this item drops in Xibaluku.
* This update introduces a new type of crafting resources. These new resources can be found in Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End. The resources are used to build and repair battlekeeps and player shave a chance to drop them when they die in PvP. The recipes required can be found in the NPC camps located in this playfield.
* The minimap will now update a resource node's icon if it is being used by a player.
* You should now always see the correct "Tradeskills" category for quests in your quest journal.
* When removing/unlearning tradeskills, other feats/spells should not be affected anymore.
* Chopping wood should now take the same amount of time as other harvesting skills.
* If you unlearn a tradeskill, the cooldown should now always be removed.
* Gemcutting: After creating a gem, you should now always have your quest updated, without zoning first. You should also always be able to create gems without zoning first.
* Fixed an issue that was causing base, culture and alchemist recipes to drop less than the intended rates."
* Inventory icons for dropped recipes have been upgraded.
* Cleaned up a few minor cases where alchemy mats removed in update 1.3 were dropping when they shouldn't have.
* Fixed dropped rates of some tradeskill resources that were dropping too frequently.
* Some recipes were not properly requiring the following resources: "Ebony Venom" "Tincture of Bergamot" and "Tincture of Mint." The correct recipes now require these materials.
* Reevaluated drop rates of all Tradeskill Resources.
* Removed text from trainers that says you cannot undo crafter profession choice, because you can.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016