April has arrived and with the end of March comes a new Monthly Development Update from Funcom for Age of Conan: Unchained. The latest update details the work to improve existing systems such as tradeskills, multi-specing and class updates. The update contains s some additional details about the next adventure pack, which is expected to release near the end of this year. While details are still a bit slim on what the pack will include, it has been confirmed that the new PvP content will be incorporated either in the new pack or within an update near it.

We can also confirm that we decided that we will incorporate new PvP content into or around the adventure pack. We were initially a little hesitant to include new PvP mini-games into a paid content update, and we still haven't decided whether the new area will come as part of the adventure pack, or simply around the same time, and contextually linked to the new content. We want to ensure that the content is accessible, which is why we have wanted to keep PvP areas as part of the main game and not be gated content, therefore we shall make a final call during testing.

World bosses have been taken back to the drawing board for more work. Once the tradeskill update is complete later this summer, Funcom will be examining the possibility of incorporating this into a faction/affiliation system of some sort. Additionally, the single server technology debuting with the upcoming launch of The Secret World (TSW) will be up for review following TSW’s launch to see how it could be integrated into Age of Conan.

Source: Age of Conan Monthly Development Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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