I don't know if you are, but I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for ArcheAge's Closed Beta 1. Even though I've read through both the class skillset and the Founders pack guides, not to mention writing about ArcheAge a few times now, I'm still pretty sure that I'm absolutely unprepared for tomorrow, not to mention, I'll have no idea what I'm doing. That's fine by me, though! In my quest to be a Forever Newb (patent pending), I often find games at their most enjoyable when I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing, what to expect, or where to go. Rather than be completely discouraged about the parts of ArcheAge I don't think I'd like, I'm just going to waltz in to tomorrow's closed beta with very little expectations and see where experience will take me.

In preparation for tomorrow's start of Closed Beta 1, Trion updated their beta page for ArcheAge, which on the surface doesn't seem like a lot of information. If you're without a key, there is a link to places who are hosting giveaways for beta keys. Also on the page is a big key to buy a Founders pack, a little bit of information on how betas will work, and a recap about beta being delayed because of Trion wanting to launch the western version of ArcheAge with Patch 1.2. Not a ton of information, but it's a good area to get started.

Recently, the ArcheAge alpha client had the Marketplace patched into the game. People have been worried about what this means, and whether or not ArcheAge will become “play to win” for people who OK with spending real life money for items that will allow them to get ahead in the game. Community member Pohx, who has the most amazing hair ever (seriously – this is not sarcasm, I love his hair), made a walkthrough of the currently existing Marketplace, complete with costs and stats. Overall, it looks like the Marketplace offers a good amount of cosmetic goodies (dyes, pets, skins) and a few items that will grant quality of life improvements, but not make you completely overpowered. Remember, though, this is on the alpha client and is subject to change.

While we get a beta trailer for the western client, the Korean client gets a trailer for a pretty cool looking ghost ship with a lot of creepy underboob with what appears to be chaps over a g-string. Lady's outfit looks pretty cool until it ceases to exist. But hey, all that purply ghosty stuff is pretty exciting, right? Hopefully ArcheAge comes with a good amount of not-so-tacky armor for female characters, because I don't play video games because I need a “sexy” avatar. The video below is from XL Games, and while there isn't a ton of text, what there is is in Korean.

While I can definitely guarantee that our coverage of ArcheAge will not only continue, but you can expect a good amount of it coming from several of us, but I can also hopefully guarantee that this will also include quality coverage, and not just bumbling opinions of a Forever Newb! Will you be playing ArcheAge? What parts of the game are you interested in?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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