Earlier this week Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson detailed plans for expanding the game over the next few months. Part of those plans included new rewards tied to the achievement system, which will provide players with Crown tokens as currency to exchange for higher quality gear. This led to some confusion about how these tokens would be awarded for past achievements.

In an effort to clear up some of the confusion, Johanson took to the forums with a short update on how retroactive rewards will work and what ArenaNet has planned for other achievements.

Since I think all of this can be a little confusing until seen in practice, and because some of the details aren’t yet fleshed out, a few points to help clarify:

  • Previous daily and monthly achievements will not be reward retroactively with crowns, it will be newly completed daily/monthly achievements only.(January achievement if completed after the release will not give crowns, monthly from February on will qualify.)
  • We will develop a separate reward system you’ll see later for other types of achievements, this system hasn’t been finalized, it’s entirely possible this system will not reward the crown currency at all. This system will retroactively reward achievements you’ve already earned (except dailies/monthlies) and may possibly cap out the rewards you can earn from infinitely repeatable achievements, so no one has an unfair advantage.

Source: Colin Johanson on Retroactive Achievement Rewards

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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