More details have been revealed for some of the balance changes ArenaNet has planned for the feature-focused update to Guild Wars 2 on April 15th. Today ArenaNet posted a pair of new blogs that details changes to runes and sigils, making a number of changes to functionality and bonuses, one of which is removing the split between PvP and PvE runes. Just one of the rune changes includes a boost to the set bonus proc from 5% to 50% as described in the example below.

For example, the current six-rune bonus for the Rune of the Nightmare provides a 5% chance to cause fear when hit. That 5% chance is hard to rely on in PvP and WvW, so we felt it needed updating. We're drastically increasing the proc rates on all the bonuses; the six-rune bonus proc for superior rune sets will have a 50% likelihood, making the bonus much more reliable and interesting for use in all kinds of combat.

Let’s hope that keeps with diminishing returns as there is nothing worse than getting chain feared.

Sigils will also be getting some changes that will make them easier to understand by utilizing fewer hidden rules. Sigil timers will be separated by types, allowing players to swap weapons and use multiple sigils without having to share cooldown timers.

We're removing a lot of the hidden rules that the sigil system currently employs. First off: all sigil recharges will be separate. You'll be able to use a Sigil of Energy on-swap and still have your Sigil of Fire activate on critical hit! Likewise, your Sigil of Fire and Sigil of Air will have separate recharges. However, Sigils of the same type will still not work with one another. For example: A character with two Sigils of Blood (minor, major, or superior) who activates one will set both sigils on recharge. We added a warning of this new functionality onto the sigil descriptions.

Other changes include the option to use two sigils on a two-handed weapon and a number of other balance changes to make more sigils a viable option.

The second blog touches on changes to critical damage. A new stat is being added with the update called Ferocity and it will directly affect crit damage. The idea is to make it easier to understand.

One of the balance changes coming in the April 2014 Feature Pack is the introduction of ferocity, a brand new stat that will affect your critical damage. Ferocity is being introduced to make bonus critical damage easier to understand, more easily scaled across the whole game, and to help foster a healthy balance environment that encourages players to experiment with their builds.

According to the blog, ferocity will function in a way similar to precision as they both influence another stat. So where precision will increase your critical hit chance, ferocity will increase your critical bonus damage.

There's quite a lot more to soak in with class balance tweaks, UI tweaks, and more, so read all about them on the GW2 website. Expect more details to be revealed next week.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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