ArenaNet Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum has posted a new blog about the Guild Wars 2 demo on display this week’s G-Star event in South Korea. In order to provide a fun and playable experience for the Korean audience, ArenaNet focused their attention on creating a new Guild Wars 2 demo for the human starting experience that also allowed players to take on one of three boss fights near the end of the demo against either Tequatl the Sunless, the Shadow Behemoth or the Shatterer.

Guild Wars 2 Character Artist Team Lead Aaron Coberly also posted a new Character Customization video for the blog that shows off some of the many customization options and the revamped dye system. You’ll also get a peek at the new UI improvements and how players will learn new skills in Guild Wars 2 through the skill-acquisition system, which will allow players to unlock new skills with skill points that can be gained by undertaking any of the 200 skill challenges in the game. Challenges range from defeating opponents to answering riddles and even drinking a specific drink (likely one with a rather strong kick). The system is intended to open skills quickly to allow players to learn how to use them effectively and then improve upon them as their character progresses.

There are plenty more details and a few new images in the new blog, so head over and check it out to see what's new.

Source: Eric Flannum on the Guild Wars 2 G-Star Demo

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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