I wrote recently about how I'd like to see the revenant improved and it seems ArenaNet have well and truly listened to their community. On Friday's Live Stream with Roy Cronacher, they showed off Shiro as well as the newly implemented weapon swap. Following up after the Live Stream, Roy detailed on the forums a whole host of changes made to the revenant. The overall theme of the changes is to make the profession smoother to play but for it to also hit much harder. I think we all agreed it dealt damage like a wet noddle. The list of changes is pretty lengthy, so here are best bits. 


These are a few broader changes made to the profession. There was a lot of feedback on the lack of speed and versatility of the profession, and these are intended to help address those concerns.

  • Weapon swap has been added.
  • Invoking legends is now an instant cast by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented skill queuing from working correctly.

Staff damage was lower than it should have been and felt weak even as a support weapon. Damage will be increased, and the healing-power scaling will be increased to improve the staff’s support aspect.

  • Rapid Swipe: Increased the damage by 30%.
  • Forceful Bash: Increased the damage by 36%.
  • Rejuvenating Assault: Increased the healing-power scaling by 50%.
  • Punishing Sweep: Increased the damage by 33%.
  • Debilitating Slam: Increased the damage by 100%.
  • Renewing Wave: Increased the healing-power scaling by 30%.
  • Surge of the Mists: Increased the damage by 11%.

Overall, there was a lot of feedback that the hammer felt too weak as the profession’s ranged option. We wanted to keep the slow feel of using a heavy two-handed hammer, so instead we’re compensating by increasing the weapon’s damage across the board.

Hammer Bolt: Increased the damage by 12%.
Coalescence of Ruin:

Increased the first tier of damage by 25%.
Increased the second tier of damage by 17%.
Increased the third tier of damage by 12.5%.

Phase Smash: Increased the damage by 75%.
Field of the Mists: Increased the field’s width slightly to make it more reliable.
Drop the Hammer: Increased the damage by 20%.

If you want to watch the Shiro Legend in action, you can also take a look at the Point Of Interest episode. It's well worth a look and the revenant looks pretty awesome thanks to him. 

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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