We’re approaching the two-month mark since Guild Wars 2’s official launch, and this week ArenaNet dispatched a new developer blog to discuss their plans for continued support of the MMORPG. The latest blog discusses plans to develop new content and the various teams that have been put in place to deal with the various live goals for Guild Wars 2 moving forward. The teams include:

  • Live Security: The Live Security team is tasked with enhancing account security and continuing the battle against hackers and bots within the game.
  • Live Response: The Live Response Team will focus on fixing bugs, addressing game feedback, and keeping the game balanced.
  • The Living World Team: This team will focus on adding new content and refining the existing PvE and WvW content as well as developing new features and rewards.
  • PvP/eSports Team: As the name indicates, the PvP/eSports team is dedicated to supporting and building the PvP community and creating new features to help grow Guild Wars 2's competitive PvP.
  • Holidays & Events Team: This team gets the fun job of creating a variety of special holiday events and traditions in Guild Wars 2. Additionally, they'll also create one-time events that can drive the world's narrative.
  • Mac & Performance Team: This team will continue to refine the Mac client for Guild Wars 2.
  • Bonus Teams: Bonus teams will be created from time to time to build specific features and events outside of other live team development goals. While nothing about what they may be working on has been revealed, the blog does note that one of these teams is working on something now that we should be seeing in November.
  • Commerce Team: The last team covered in the blog is the Commerce team, which will focus on additions to the Black Lion Trading Company.

Read the full blog for more details.

Source: Colin Johanson Outlines Guild Wars 2 Live Game Development

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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