I'm never entirely sure how I feel about games that have had a successful Kick Starter open an additional store on their website. On one hand, I Iove the fact that these developers are obtaining additional income to fund their project and ambition. On the other , I really dislike the lack of transparency as to where exactly the additional income is being spent. I know it might seem a small thing, but I think it's important that these companies begin to open their books so we know where each bean is being spent. Having said that, Crowfall's ambition sort-of requires that they receive additional income. What they're proposing is certainly going to require a considerable team and one that has a huge amount of skill. Talent doesn't come cheap in this industry and I'm sure they will throw most of their income back into staff hires. With Localisation their next "goal", they're definitely creating additional workload. 

As far as the store itself, it's pretty modest at this point and pretty much selling what was available over on Kick Starter but as additional items. Mounts, merchandise (t-shirts!) as well as keeps can be purchased and price wise, I don't think any of it is too expensive. You can still buy bundles which will set you back hundreds of dollars, but a Pack Pig costs as little as $10. For players that want to help support ArtCraft entertainment, it's a good avenue to go down. 

Head on over to the store and take a look

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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