Atari announced a new game in their lineup, an MMO based off of... Asteroids. You got that right! As crazy as it sounds, Atari is making a sci-fi survival MMO in the likes of DayZ and H1Z1 where you live and work on an asteroid and work to build your base up and take territory. 

Mankind has expanded its reach into the distant corners of the solar system. Near-space vessels, heavy industry on the moon and thriving colonies on Mars extend humanity's empire into the great blackness of space. 

With the earth's mines nearly spent, industrialists rely on the wealth of the heavens. Our solar system's massive Asteroid Belt is a mother lode of resources, just waiting to be torn free and shipped home. "The Belt" is the humanity's newest frontier, as wild and untamed as any that man has faced. 

Ambitious prospectors blast off with little more than an Outpost Module and a Mining Tool, to tear the hide off these asteroids and find their fortunes. This bonanza doesn't come without risks. Mere survival is a daily struggle. Asteroid storms bombard the surface, destroying Outposts, and hostile claim jumpers can appear at any moment. 

For the brave, there is a fortune to be made. For the foolish - there is only death. Welcome to the new Gold Rush. 

- Atari's Site

Little details are known, other than than it's going to be on an asteroid, you're going to have an outpost, and you'll fight against other players and the enviroment to make it awesome. It's being made by "Salty Studios" or "Salty Games" neither of which I can find a developer site for, so I imagine it's an inhouse brand or something like that. Salty Salty Studios makes adventure games, but I don't think they're involved in this.

The official twitter only has one post with nothing else said so far and the rest of the Internet is full of speculation. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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