Asynchronous MMO should never be shortened to AMMO.

Aurora Feint is not a household name, but the device that this mighty little engine will be running on is - it's the iPhone. Even though the initial game Aurora Feint: The Beginning, has hundreds of thousands of downloads, it was just the umm, oh man, yeah it was just the beginning. Launching sometime around Friday, the first full blown version of the game titled "Aurora Feint: The Arena" will go on sale for only ten bucks. From the creators of the game:

"We've raced to be the first Asynchronous Mobile MMO, or AMMMO, specifically designed for "distractable" environments such as the iPhone. Game play is bursty, interruptible, and you don't know exactly when to expect your friends to be online. Yet even our casual gaming fans wanted massively multi-player capability and told us they would pay for it: so we built this AMMMO World and are thrilled by the positive feedback we've received in the beta cycle." said Jason Citron and Danielle Cassley.

The premise seems fun, the fact that the game is created for people playing at different times yet together/against each other makes me worried about distracted iPhone users on a freeway near me. Please do not Aurora Feint and drive people. For more information about the game, go to the Aurora Feint website.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016