Online Games Track!

The Online Track is all about 'breaking down barriers'. Want to learn how to build the next great game? We all want to do it don't we? This Online track consists of four sub-tracks covering: Business & Marketing, Design, Social Networking & Community, and Technology & Services. If you can take the challenge, game on.

Build the next great game. Today, online players are demanding a more customizable, robust, and connected game experience and we have the big guns to give 'em what they want. How do we do it? By Breaking Down Barriers in online game development ideas and practices.

For three days this summer, great minds from Bioware, Cartoon Network, Disney, EA, NCSoft, Sony Online Entertainment and more, will come together to share their advice and experience. Are you game?

For more, please visit Austin GDC.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016