A Conference Way Down Under

sent a reporter into the wild of Austrailia for the Australian Game Developers
Conference. "Muun" reports about the fantastic time he had:

There he was; this guy who looked exactly like me, wearing my brown linen
pants and my beloved Ranma shirt…holding…an…IRON. He stared
back at me from the mirror dumbstruck for a few minutes and then; it slowly
dawned on me: I … was… ironing! I've had my fair share of important
interviews and hot dates and yet, I could not remember the last time I had
even contemplated ironing an item of clothing (barring terrible flashbacks
featuring my mother holding a double barrelled shotgun and piles of recently
washed clothing). Yet here I was, quite happily ironing my funkiest black
Japanese designer shirt and pants. And then I remembered a recent article
by Deljarum here at MMORPGDot, which commented on a similar fixation with
ironing prior to conferences. This relaxed my fears of an emergent split personality
disorder and I proceeded to spend the next two hours trying to transform those
valleys and mountains of drill cotton into gentle plains of black.

I don't know how much better of an impression I made on the people I met
at the AGDC but one thing is certain, I definitely missed out on the whole
card trading game. Word of advice: if you're going to a big conference or
gathering and don't want to feel like an elf at a rally of the local Dwarven
Beard Trimming Guild do yourself a favour and print out a few cards. Even
if it's just a simple name, number and address - play the card game. Even
if you don't want to make an impression on anyone, play the card game. Why?
Because you get this half disgusted, half demeaning look from people who ask
"can I have your card?", that just puts you one down in the exchange
that follows.

Sounds like fun! Hope he got to see Crocodile Dundee!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016