Now this is the kind of Valentine's Day Event that I like to see!

Love is in the air... and so's the napalm. Forget the candy and flowers. Let's blow some sh-t up! Join us for an extended playtest session beginning Tuesday, February 14, at 6 pm Central and blazing through til 6 pm Central on Thursday, February 16.

That's a full 48 hours of post-apocalyptic destruction and mayhem we're calling the Valentine's Day Massacre.

This special event also marks the first phase of our priority beta access. Starting February 14, the mid-week playtest sessions will be accessible only to our pre-order account holders. Those with standard beta accounts will still be eligible to play during the weekend sessions (Saturdays 6 pm Central through Sunday 6 pm Central), including the special weekend beta events.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016