Battlerite will be down for a major patch on Wednesday, Dec. 14th from 11AM - 1PM US Eastern tomorrow to bring you some rather sweeping changes, plus an all-new champion: Pestilus.

Patch Notes:

New Ranking System 
The ranking system has been reworked but it is still a work in progress so expect it to be improved upon in future patches. 

Team Rating 
You will now have a separate team rating depending on which teammate you play in a party with. The intention is to improve the accuracy of the rating and matchmaking as it will only take your team’s skill level into account, rather than trying to balance out separate solo rankings when playing with others. You will also gain rating as a team, eliminating the discrepancy of having a teammate that gained/lost a different amount of MMR than you. 

While playing League (formerly known as Ranked) you will be able to queue for both 2v2 and 3v3 while solo queuing, but in a party you can only queue 2v2 in a party of two and 3v3 in a party of three. 

You will automatically form a team while playing in a party in League. You will be able to rename your team and select an avatar to represent your team if you wish to. 

When playing League, teams will only face other teams and players queuing on their own will only meet players that are solo queueing. 

Leagues and Divisions 
Grades have now been replaced by Leagues and Divisions. Each League represents players of a certain span of skill, and each League consists of multiple divisions. 

The first time you play League (with a team or by yourself) in the Season, you will have to play placement matches. You will then be placed into a League accordingly. 

Bronze League 
Consists of 10 Divisions. 

Silver League 
Consists of 9 Divisions. 

Gold League 
Consists of 8 Divisions. 

Platinum League 
Consists of 7 Divisions 

Diamond League 
Consists of 6 Divisions. 

Champion League 
Consists of 5 Divisions 

Grand Champion 
Does not have any divisions. 

As you gain rating, you will move between Divisions and if you continue to win you will eventually reach the highest Division in a given League, Division 1. We've also improved the rating calculations so that climbing the ladder is easier (where applicable). Progressing further will promote you to the next League. 

Season Based Rankings 
Starting tomorrow, we are introducing Seasons. The first being Season 1 - Arctic Winds. What this means is that during a particular amount of time, two months for this first season, you will be able to climb the rankings and try to attain as high a League as possible. At the end of the Season you will earn rewards based on your highest attained League. 

For example, if you have a team in a League that is higher than your solo queue League, you will gain rewards based on your team’s League. The rewards that can be earnt are chests, tokens and a Season 1 exclusive avatar. 

Grand Champions of Season 1 will have access to an exclusive mount for the duration of the following Season. This mount can only be obtained if you placed as Grand Champion in previous Season. 

The Season then ends with the rankings having a soft reset and you will play through the Placement matches again in Season 2. 

Miscellaneous Ranking System Changes 
  • Sometimes you will be matched against players from a different League than you. If you are playing against a team from a higher League, you will get bonus rating from winning, but if you lose, you will not lose rating.
  • If you happen to play with a player who is in placement, and you yourself is not in placement, you will not lose any rating if you lose the match.
  • The same also happens if you are put in a team with someone who leaves or disconnects.
  • If you leave a game you will get a rating penalty.
  • During a season, you can not be demoted to a lower League.

Winter Cosmetics 

For a limited time you can now unlock Frozen Chests containing guaranteed winter cosmetics such as frost weapons and winter themed outfits & mounts. Winter cosmetics can also be obtained in normal chests although the drop chance is fairly low. 

Pestilus, Lord of the Swarm - NEW Support Champion  
Pestilus is the head priest of Quna. He serves the Qunan royal family, but secretly worships an evil deity, Rasal. His schemes manipulated the king into exiling the crown prince. In the arena, Pestilus unleashes swarms of insects to infest and cripple his enemies, releasing his innermost darkest desires. 

Pestilus Intro Video:

Read about Pestilus's kit and all the other Champion updates in the official announcement.

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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2016

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