Big changes are coming to Battlerite competitive play. The first (and smaller) of two patches is aimed at improving matchmaking, then on December 14th, a major patch will seek to redress broader problems in the rating system:

[The December 14th patch] will address issues with the ranked queue, such as having difficulty finding good matches when playing with different teammates, difficult to understand rating changes, ability to climb in ratings and the lack of a rewarding feeling for attaining higher ranks. The overhaul of the ranking system contains major improvements to combat this, with Team RankingsLeagues (including changes to MMR), and Seasons Based Rankings with rewards! 

UPDATE: Further details were announced on December 6th:

Next week on Wednesday 14th December, players can look forward to a new ranking systemwinter themed weapons for ALL champions, the first legendary outfits and a new championwhich has yet to be announced. The developers also included general gameplay fixes and character polish.

For more information on these changes, check out the Battlerite official site.

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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016

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