There's a new patch in Battlerite and although it's small, it brings with it some significant improvements - most notably to the newly released Ruh Kaan. It's fair to say he was incredibly weak, mainly because he dealt too little damage and healed himself for too little. His Sinister Strike was pretty much suicide if you used it and thankfully its now got some love. Take a look below. 

A small patch is coming today, containing the following: 

  • Audio Changes
    • Ruh Kaan
      • New sound effects for Shadow Bolt
      • Added voice lines for match and game wins.
    • Jumong - Lowered sound level on Hunting Arrow.
    • Jade - Snipe cast sound effect is now interrupted when canceling the cast.
  • Balance Tweaks
    • Ruh Kaan
      • Curse
        • Duration increased from 2.4s to 3s.
        • Healing from Defiled Blade increased from 4 to 6.
      • Charged Defiled Blade
        • Damage increased from 14 to 18.
      • Sinister Strike
        • Ruh Kaan now becomes unhittable and immaterial during the travel time.
    • Rook
      • Pummel
        • Energy gain reduced from 6 to 5.
      • Crushing Blow
        • Cooldown increased from 7 to 8.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issues with certain abilities not playing VO correctly (among them Heroic Charge).
    • Ruh Kaan
      • Fixed so Consume resets Shadow Bolt Cooldown correctly when the weapon is charged.
      • Fixed so Shadow Bolt deals bonus damage if weapon becomes charged during the casting of Shadow Bolt.
      • Fix for Charged Defiled Blade not giving bonus health from the "Taint" Battlerite.
      • Fixed a bug that reset the weapon charge when the round started.
    • Ashka
      • Fixed missing aim preview on Infernal Scorch.
    • Rook
      • Fixed so the Battlerite “Weapon Break” works correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some player reports not getting registered properly.
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to actually queue in Ranked when queuing Standard after playing a Private game.
    • Fixed a bug that caused “In Placement” to be incorrectly displayed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the current active quests to not show up on champion tooltips.
    • Added support for chat banning.
    • Fixed a bug that made some countries (see below) unable to buy chests.
      • Armenia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Belarus
      • Georgia
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kyrgyzstan
      • Moldova
      • Tajikistan
      • Turkmenistan
      • Uzbekistan
      • Ukraine
    • Minor performance fixes.

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Last Updated: Oct 28, 2016

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