For anyone unaware, Battlerite's predeccesor had an incredibly popular Champion known as Thorn. Fans of Battlerite have requested him repeatedly since Stunlock Studio's latest title arrived, and the last few teaser images suggest he could make an apperance before the official launch. 

Part 1 of the teaser image showed a lone warrior venturing through woodland. The runes on his shield, when translated by Dudedaya over on Reddit were "Need [heritage, estate, possession] lake lake (ocean? also that part repeated 2 times), wealth cattle [ride, journey] [one of the gods], sun horse [ulcer or torch] sun."

He goes on to state this is likely to be translated as, "Need to possess the ocean (Pearl?), and bring her to the gods, and then sun horse will torch the sun."

Not only that, but the opening line (Noll Noll Fira Seks) translates from swedish to 0 0 4 6.

Part 2 of the teaser shows the same warrior venturing further into the woods, with skeletons littering the floor wrapped in thorns and branches. If you look closely, the tree on the left has morsecode, spelling 7245.

Part 3, which has just gone live, shows the warrior trapped with a green glow upon him (Thorn used to glow green at times). To the top left and hard to see are the words DLX carved in the tree equating to 25 and 560.

The secret number? 0046724525560

Does this all point to the arrival of a new Champion and specifically, one players have been waiting on? 

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2017

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