Battlerite is doing well in Early Access and while things have been a little quieter than normal, Stunlock Studios have still been beavering away behind the scenes to improve the game. One of the biggest complaints from players is the fact it's incredibly difficult to avoid basic attack damage (which is everyones ability linked to mouse button 1). These skills are spammable and are very hard to avoid. This often results in counter-play feeling limited as you can't always avoid them, regardless of where you move.

Bloodline Champions had very different mouse 1 attacks and it seems in their latest blog post, Stunlock Studios are after the same. Not only that, but they're also increasing movement speed to ensure avoiding basic attacks is not only possible, but encouraged. 

"One of the primary challenges in making changes to core gameplay is identifying and re-balancing every area of the game that is directly affected by the changes we experiment with.

To be able to properly test and evaluate a change it’s important everything from visuals to game balance is in place. We need to make sure we can fully understand the impact the changes will bring before deciding on how to proceed. The core gameplay is directly connected to variables like average game length, hit rate of abilities, skill ceiling, game feel and much more.

In situations where we aren’t fully satisfied with our results and need to tweak the gameplay further, we have to go through this process again since the balance of the previous iteration will be outdated.

Making core gameplay changes can be both time-consuming and challenging at times, yet also very exciting! Sometimes iterating like this takes longer than expected, as it’s important to us to deliver at the best possible quality we can.

We'll let you know how the changes feel when they go live next month.

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Last Updated: Mar 01, 2017

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