Back to playing guessing games.

According to Massively, Bioware is not, in fact, working on Knights of the Old Republic 3... for sure. After the flurry of rumors (spurred by Kotaku) that they were working on KoTOR 3, everyone assumed that their new MMO had to be something else. Now they've said that either could be true, muddying the waters again.

Well, BioWare got in touch with the Joystiq network to let us know that everyone's been jumping the gun; it turns out that the EA report was referring only in a general fashion to the KotOR IP (to demonstrate "the pedigree of the studio"). EA did not intend to imply that any specific new title is in development. So there goes the basis for the latest KotOR rumor.

That doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility that KotOR Online or KotOR 3 are on BioWare's plate; it just means that we still don't have any substantial reason to believe that they are -- well, apart from the fact that anything KotOR-related would probably print irresistibly huge stacks of money. We only know the following for sure: BioWare has been developing an MMO that may or may not have anything to do with KotOR (it probably doesn't) for running on two years now, and LucasArts and BioWare are working together on ... something.

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[Via Massively]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016