has a new interview with the Bioware team on their upcoming MMO Project. Anyone else frightfully excited? They make good games.. I'm curious to see what game they have to show us.

FiringSquad: Why did BioWare want to launch an MMORPG and establish a base in Austin Texas to handle the development?

Ray Muzyka: BioWare has been considering developing an MMORPG for quite some time – we’ve always felt that developing an MMORPG would be a natural extension of BioWare’s past experiences in developing roleplaying games. Austin has a tremendous gaming heritage with a lot of talent, especially in the MMO space. Austin offers a very friendly environment to game and technology development, with lots of experienced, talented, passionate individuals – and we’ve got a great team at BioWare Austin already as a result! We’re very excited to take the best feature of the MMO space and combine them with the RPG experience we have at BioWare.

Be sure the read the interview. It has some really interesting info on what they have in the pipeline.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016