Daum Games recently attended Paris Games Week to showcase Black Desert Online's upcoming EU/NA client and discuss some of the differences the western version of the game would have compared to its original eastern counterpart.

At the showing, players visiting Paris Games Week had the opportunity to sit down and try out the early Alpha Test client; and the Project Manager for Daum Games Europe sat down to speak with the press about some of the more significant changes the western client would be receiving.

Buy to Play Options

As shared a couple of weeks ago, the team wanted to reiterate that they are committed to the "Buy to Play" monetization model, where players would be purchasing a retail copy of the game to obtain access (much in the same way GW2 has found success as a B2P title). The team went on to note that there will be several different kinds of purchase packages that will feature distinct in-game perks for pre-ordering players. No prices or details about the different packages have been revealed yet though.

Long-Term Outlook

Additionally, the team wanted to inform players eager to dive into the western client that the game will likely remain at least 3-6 months behind the Korean version (to allow time for translation of new game expansions/features and other modifications prior to their EU/NA release). There also have not been any set plans for creating variant rulesets like PvE, PvP, or RP as separate server types. Daum Games wants to ensure that the community doesn't grow too divided, as the EU/NA version will already be separated into English and French/German.

Enhanced Character Create

As was expected, the developers also wanted to share that the western version of Black Desert Online will feature enhanced character creation features with an improved array of skin tones and face types, geared to suit its western audience.

Additional Open-World Content

For one last additional point of note, the team also shared that the developers plan to offer more open world PvP and PvE content in the EU/NA version of the game, further enhancing the game's sandbox appeal.

To read more info about this recent update, check out the original post on the game's official news page. And also, check out the interview with Daum Games' Euro Project Manager, Daniel Loehr. Also, check out the teaser video below that they shared at the event.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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