"We're working on it, guys. Chill."

In a recent forum post, well-known World of Warcraft forum moderator Drysc mentioned that Blizzard is in the process of developing solutions to address the concerns of low-population realms.

We're in the process of implementing alternate solutions to help assist the lower population realms. The problem here is that Agamaggan is not really what would be considered a "low population" realm, it's not even in the bottom 25 realms. While it's not at capacity (it's at around a 55% nightly pop) there are quite a few realms below it that we would need to focus our attention on first, such as Coilfang (around a 30% nightly pop) and 10 or so other realms like it.

Just to compare there are technically around 200 realms that aren't actually hitting capacity (no queues at any time for a month+) out of about 220 total US realms. While we would like all realms to be near capacity, there is a middle ground that still allows an extremely functional and fun play experience. A lot of the realms live in this "middle area" of capacity, and they have extremely lively economies and interactions. Before the population cap increase with Burning Crusade they might even be considered "high population".

In any case, when realms fall below that middle ground, which Agamaggan has not, then we need to start taking some action.

Our focus is going to be on those realms that are falling below a capacity we believe is acceptable to the players, and our intent for the ability to play the game with any amount of comfort. After that we would then continue to move up and focus on other realms.

Read the full post at the WoW forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016