The next phase of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm world event has begun! Blizzard turned on phase three early this morning, offering five more quests and an even deeper feeling of dread as you walk the streets of Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Cultists wander the streets wearing sandwich boards declaring the end is indeed nigh and the people are terrified by the sudden shift. The Cataclysm really is nigh and Azeroth's leaders seem unable to do anything.

The quakes continue, growing more violent with the day but the authorities have now realised that the Cultists are a threat so you are charged with searching folk who want to enter the main Horde and Alliance cities. You then have to hunt down hidden cultists dotted around the cities and question them for information, this sees you going back undercover to scupper the Twilight Cultists’ fiendish plans.

From a lore perspective, it’s also time to revisit Nagrand and observe the moment when Thrall realises he cannot be both Shaman and Warchief. Yes, it’s time to hand the reins to Garrosh! Will this be a wise move or cause more ill? We’ll soon see. The quests themselves take less than an hour so take some time out this weekend, to earn a little extra gold. Oh and you might want to do the quests quickly as Zarhym noted things are going to speed up from here on in.

The time between the start of stage 2 and stage 3 was shorter. I can tell you the current plan is to make the time between stage 3 and 4 even shorter. ;)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016