So, hands up who is going to be standing in the frigid December night to pick up their copy of World of Warcraft? I'm guessing more than half of you have your lands up. Well good news everyone! Blizzard has begun announcing their launch night plans for Europe.

According to the press release sent out today, Blizzard will be holding an event in London on December 6th. Taking place - in partnership with the UK retailer GAME - at the nightclub Sound in Leicester Square, the pre-launch event will offer ’an exciting evening of entertainment before the expansion goes on sale, including a costume contest showcasing players' attire from the game with great prizes for the winning competitors. There will also be an official licensed merchandise showcase, unique photo opportunities, giveaways’.

The attendance of developers is always once of the best parts of a Warcraft launch. Who are we getting this year? Well Ghostcrawler (aka Lead Systems Designer and that guy who owes you a pony/moose, Greg Street) and game designer David Kosak will be in London. Fret not, other European countries as Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton and 3D artist Rob Sevilla will be in Madrid while musical maestro Russell Brower and Senior Game Designer Joe Shely will be in Moscow. Devs will also be attending events in Paris, Rotterdam and Stockholm.

Cataclysm will go on sale across Europe at 11pm GMT and midnight CET. For more information on launch events, check out Blizzard’s official site with the lowdown on all the European launch events.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016