Friday the 3rd [Popular Thread Edition]

Don't have the time or the patience to give the official forums a look? We're here to help! Once again, we have the Friday Forum Roundup—links to the most interesting, the hottest, and the oddest threads in the official forums!

This week, as every week for the last month, the forums are a buzz about the upcoming expansion! Rumors spread like wildfire while people rant for and against upcoming changes. Discussion about imbalances ranging from pretty much anything you can think about is all the rage. Of course, you can never forget the amount of "FIRST POST WOOOO" being screamed as Blizzard lets out yet another talent update!

And now for the weekly TenTon Hammerhead Award! This is an award given to the most outrageous thread on the forums. This week's winner is... Drunkchamoru of the Drunkchamorus Guild on Blackhand! His thread "Some raiders need to learn 1st grade math" is a very informative post that lets us know that 61 > 60. The humor continues as anyone who went to US public schools can tell you that the greater than sign is grade (or level ha ha!) two material while basic adding and subtracting is the first grade. So incase any of you out there don't have "1st grade math" down, 61 is indeed a larger number then 60. How this relates to raiding? No clue, as I imagine that super amazing one level difference will truly help in the old-world dungeons. Not that.. any TBC raid instances are below level 65 or anything as well.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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