A rogue Blizzard employee could be stealing your credit card info and planting viruses while you level in STV. You'd never know (until the charges came through).

Found via Slashdot, a blogger known as Lax is pointing out some of the ethical issues and security concerns that go with recent changes to Blizzard's anti-hacking Warden software which make it impossible for players to see what it's doing on their computers.

The issue is that the hash algorithm is different in every copy of Warden, so there's no simple method of ensuring that every copy of Warden is simply using a hash algorithm, and furthermore that it is one-way. The issue is that the detection software may be exploited, by Blizzard or an employee of Blizzard, with or without the corporation's knowledge, in order to do anything they please on your PC. A resourceful Blizzard employee could, for example, install a virus or other malware on your PC, and have a pretty high chance of that going undetected by the customer.

See the full blog post at On Warden and then tell us what you think.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016