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Blizzard has come out and said that they now like the way Protection Warriors work, but also wanted to clarify the reasoning behind the changes. They want to ensure people understand the changes are based on a design philosophy and not the fact that Warriors were crying foul before.

We're happy with the state of Prot now and even happier that warriors seem to like the spec. But I don't want to leave the impression it's because Prot warriors argued for changes in the right way or somehow whined correctly.

One of our goals coming into LK was to "fix" tanking. This included a lot of changes --
-- Making sure threat wasn't so frustrating, especially AE threat
-- Making sure all 4 tanks could handle the same encounters
-- Make sure tanks who were missing key tools got them (I realize the word "key" is open to interpretation)
-- Making sure tanks could upgrade their gear in a reasonable fashion
-- Making sure tanks didn't have to spend all of their talents on pure mitigation
-- Making sure tanks weren't so terrible in PvP or solo situations

By contrast, the dps specs didn't feel broken overall, although there were individual problems with many of them that we did attempt to address. DPS was something fun in the game that continues to attract a lot of different players and classes.

With regard to dps warriors, a few of these changes were --
-- Make sure they could tank a normal 5-player dungeon
-- Give them both viable PvE and PvP roles
-- Make the Arms tree about something other than Mortal Strike
-- Make Battle Stance a little sexier
-- Make sure mobilty didn't just belong to one spec
-- Try and get warriors to care more about plate
-- Make warriors a little less reliant on "pocket healers"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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