Blizzard has unveiled another line of defense to help World of Warcraft players safeguard their accounts in the form of a new Dial-in Authenticator. This new feature - which is currently only available to players in the US - was announced on the blog on the new WoW community site and is the latest countermeasure to help people keep their accounts secured. Now most of you, if you valve your accounts and your many, many hours of play time, will have an Authenticator attached either tied to your phone or a physical authenticator. But what if this isn’t enough?

This is where the new Dial-in Authenticator comes in. Blizzard is touting the service as an extra layer of protection for your precious account, something to use in tandem with a physical or mobile Authenticator. How does it work? Well you sign up and call from a number specific to you - a landline or a mobile number - and if something shady goes on, you’ll be asked to call in from that specific number to confirm you’re the one trying to log in. I get the impression though, given how mobile phones can be lost, broken or stolen, that a landline might be safer.

The important thing to remember with this new service is that it’s not designed to make your trusty mobile Authenticator obsolete, it’s an extra precaution for those folks who play on various computers. Given the huge amount of phishing and scams by people who really want to steal your stuff and leave your main somewhere naked, attaching an Authenticator to your account is still a really important thing to do. Especially if you value your toons, gear and gold. Don’t forget you get a free Core Hound pet too! Want to know more? Blizzard has updated its FAQ to include the Dial-in Authenticator.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016