A new in-game score screen is coming to Heroes of the Storm, and has been on the public test realm to get feedback from players. One of the new features was separating the "takedowns" stats into kills and assists, awarding the player who lands the final blow on an enemy Hero with the kill, while any allies in range of the kill will receive assists. This has been somewhat controversial, as some players are worried that it will cause increased toxicity in the game, as players either boast about their kills, or begin to insult teammates without a high kill total. This feature will remain, as its intended purpose is to reward Assassins who are performing well in their role. Of course, players argue that since there is no benefit to landing the final hit of a kill (unlike some other MOBAs), tallying who managed to take the last of an enemy's HP bar is pointless.

One other thing that had changed was the removal of the XP contribution tab. After a huge backlash from the community, Blizzard has reinstated this stat line, realizing that certain Heroes (such as Abathur and Murky) might specialize in soaking experience and pushing lanes, rather than looking for Hero kills for much of the match.

It's not incredibly different, but Blizzard hopes this new scoreboard (shown below) will ultimately be to the benefit of the players. What are your thoughts?

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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