Every World of Warcraft player knows someone who cosplays and there’s no greater event than BlizzCon to showcase a whole host of weird and wondrous homages to favourite characters or races. This year’s costumes were particularly memorable and Blizzard has asked some of the winners to guest blog on their community site.

First up is Brenna Bozanic who cosplayed as the Dragon Aspect Ysera and won third place during proceedings. The most recent entry and the second WoW cosplay is Armando with his epic Illidan Stormrage costume which was so awesome, it won second place!

The articles are especially interesting as not only do you get to see the cosplayers next to in-game art of the figures they are costplaying, there’s also loads of info for wannabe cosplayers including advice on costumes and loads of photos. I admit, as awesome as Illidan is, Ysera is my favourite with Brenna’s blend of Night Elf and green Dragon. So if you’re thinking of dressing up for the next BlizzCon, check them out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016