Blizzard released the following information yesterday regarding the collector's edition of WoW.

Collector's Edition Details: Special Pets & 10-Day Guest Pass Explained

We've received a number of inquiries requesting further details about the World of Warcraft Collector's Edition, which will be available along with the standard edition at launch on Nov. 23. To answer the most popular questions that have come up, we'd like to provide the following additional information about the pets that Collector's Edition owners will be able to choose from, and how the 10-day pass that comes with the Collector's Edition will work.

Collector's Edition Pets

The special pets included with the Collector's Edition are the Panda Bear, Zergling, and Mini-Diablo.

Players who have purchased the Collector's Edition will be able to obtain their special pet by submitting the gift voucher found in their character's inventory to a special NPC located in each starting area. Players will then be able to choose from one of the three special pets.

Collector's Edition 10-Day Guest Pass

Players who will be accessing the game through the 10-day pass will create their account for that exactly the same way as a normal player, by visiting the account-creation webpage.

Those who wish to continue playing the game once the 10-day free period is over must first visit their local retailer or online store to purchase a copy of World of Warcraft. Once they have obtained a copy of the game, they can log in to using their 10-day pass login information and then enter the authentication key that came with boxed copy into the field found at the bottom of their account page.

That's all that's required to activate a full-fledged World of Warcraft account once the 10-day free period has expired. Any characters that players have created during the 10-day trial, along with all their items, will be available for them to continue playing!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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