Just a short time into the Beta testing period, Blizzard has finally settled its legal dispute over the Overwatch trademark. The matter was being fought over with Arkansas based Innovis Labs, a mobile development company that trademarked the name in 2013 for a paintball game they were making for mobile devices. When Blizzard filed it's papers for the name in 2014, the issue was brought up by the US trademark offices.

Although the issue seemed to be resolved in spring of 2015, Innovis sued Blizzard claiming that their agreement didn't do enough to prevent confusion between their mobile paintball game and Blizzards shooter. With this final resolution to the issue, many have speculated that Blizzard dug deep into it's pockets to pay off Innovis once and for all to cement their trademark of the Overatch name.

If you're not in the beta yet fear not, Blizzard plans to coninue rolling out access as the month goes on. There will also be special weekend betas for larger groups of players down the line.


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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