Today at Gamescom, Blizzard has revealed several brand new entrants into the world of Heroes of the Storm. With three new Heroes and a Battleground, there's a lot to look forward to.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's going to be added:

New Hero: Kharazim

Just a couple days ago, we caught our first glimpse of Kharazim as some images were leaked from Korea. As we suspected, he will be a Support class, but will include the interesting feature of choosing his Trait at the beginning of each game. This will allow you to choose Iron Fists to gain bonus attack damage, Transcendance to heal himself through melee combat, or Insight to restore mana as a balance between the two. Here is the teaser trailer for this Monk of Ivgorod:

New Hero - Rexxar

Coming from Azeroth will be the beastmaster Rexxar, accompanied by his bear, Misha. Rexxar is a ranged Warrior, but a lot of his combat will be done by his animal companion. Misha will be able to harass, absorb damage, and stun enemies with a targeted charge ability

New Hero - Artanis

The leader of the Protoss will be the first Warrior from the StarCraft universe, and Blizzard promises he will be a heavy hitter. Other than knowing he is a melee combatant, no real details have yet been given on how Artanis will be taking on his foes in the Nexus.

New Battleground - Infernal Shrines

Our second Diablo-themed Battleground, this one will feature three lanes, as well as three shrines that gather power. Once a team activates a shrine and defeats its guardians, a Punisher will appear to push the lane closest to its shrine. Punishers will spawn with either the Arcane, Frozen, or Mortar affix, and will hunt down enemy Heroes as well as push the lane.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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