Take a trip to ancient China this October with Blood & Jade. R2Games recently kicked off a two-week alpha test set to run through October 29th. Players that take part in the testing can earn rewards each day by logging in. Rewards start with vouchers and escalate each day to include Souldrops, Chi Pills, gold, and mounts to use during the remainder of testing.

Blood & Jade is set during the Warring States period of ancient China in an exotic land of mysticism. Players can advance the skill of their characters using Chi and recruit Goddesses to fight on their side. Blood & Jade also includes a crafting system, quests, and a PvP and guild warfare system.

The alpha testing is now underway and will conclude with a wipe on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013.  You can learn more about the game and sign up for testing on the Blood & Jade website.

Source: Blood & Jade Alpha Test Announcement

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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