Brad McQuaid Working on Secret MMOG Project

The man with “The Vision” returns to the MMOG development scene following his departure from SOE.

In case you were not aware, Brad McQuaid was one of the several SOE team members let go during a recent round of layoffs. Since that time, McQuaid has apparently begun working on a new “sekret MMO” as his Twitter page reads. McQuaid's website indicates that whatever the project is, SOE may be involved to some degree.

"Brad left SOE in August 2013 as part of a huge RIF. With so many jobless developers in the area and so many exciting game design ideas in his head, Brad intends to start something. HeÂ’s run the ideas by John Smedley, who was visibly excited. More info will be made available on this site and elsewhere when the timing is appropriate."

While next to no information about the project has been revealed, McQuaidÂ’s Twitter chatter seems to indicate that it may be a niche title, which could be good news for fans of classic MMORPGs such as the original EverQuest. Especially if your stomach begins to turn each time you hear about the new age classless and leveless titles that keep emerging as McQuaid has, in the past, been known for his attempts at recapturing that EverQuest style of magic with games like Vanguard, which didnÂ’t quite work out the way that many had hopes.

Thanks to Shayalyn for the tip.

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Source: Brad McQuaidÂ’s Twitter, McQuaidÂ’s website

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